DCMA, Website And Copyright Information.

This webite stands firm on its position on copyright infringement. The webmaster is an authorized affilaite partner and only uses content with permissions from the owners of such content.

We, the webmaster and this website, would like to make the following points clear:

1. This is not a user sharing movie upload site. No surfers can upload movies, only the webmaster. 2. We only use movie clips that were pre-made from sponsors or created by us with the sponsors approval. 3. Each video or photo set when opened also has a series of banners or links supporting that videos particular sponsor owner. I will not use sponsor material to primarily promote other products. 4.Since the webmaster is the only one that uploads content we can police my our own content easily, as stated above, no user can upload to this site. 5. If you are looking for 2257 information then just follow the ad links on each sponsor video or photo set to the sponsor tour page where 2257 information can be found. All content on this site is sponsor content and the models are over the age of 18 according to the sponsors records. If you feel this is in error and their is content you believe is suspect then please let me know right away by emailing me using the email address in point 6. 6. If you feel that there is unapproved content, inappropriate content or you disagree with any of the points above then please send us an email using the contact form and I will respond ASAP. 7. Any questions at all can be directed to the contact form link above and you should receive a response within 48 hours.